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Date 2017/06/28         Hour 00:00:00     News Group Postbank

Correspondent network of Post Bank Iran (PBI) is applicable with more than 70 banks nowadays and it leads to various foreign exchange and international banking services to the customers using SWIFT system.
Image “PBI correspondent relations is now initiated to 54 banks directly and 16 banks indirectly, and this progress is supposed to experience an increasingly process.” International Affairs of PBI reports.
West European, East European, Far East, Middle East, South and Eastern South of Asia, South America, and North of Africa all are supplied by PBI foreign exchange services.
Since PBI is designated as the specialized and developmental bank of ICT section by I.R.Iran Parliament, most of its customers are legal and natural people in this section.
As the report says, people, entities and companies acting in agriculture sector, Food, Automobile, Airplane, Oil and Petrochemicals industries are the most important customers of PBI as well.
It should be pointed out that PBI foreign exchange and international banking services, conducted by Management of International Affairs and Free Zone Branches utilizing 24 foreign exchange branches over the country, are included: Issuing various types of Letter of Credit, Payment Orders, various kinds of Banking Guarantees, Opening Current Accounts, Short-time and Long-time Accounts, Foreign Exchange Dealing, and Project Financing as the banking agent of the mentioned sectors.