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Date 2017/07/29         Hour 00:00:00     News Group Postbank

Memorandum of understanding on international postal payments through international Financial System (IFS) under Universal Postal Union (UPU)signed by Post Bank Iran and Vietnam Post.
International Affairs and Free Zone Branches Management said: based on a multilateral MOU _signed by Mr. Mehri CEO of the National Post Company of I.R.Iran, Mr. Mehrani board member of PBI, and
Mr. Pham Anh Tuan CEO of Vietnam Post_, cooperation in international money orders and postal services has been appointed.
Based on this report: A meeting was arranged alongside the 12th Asia-Pacific Postal Union (APPU) Congress in Tehran in which Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong deputy minister of communication and his team met Iranian parties. He said: One of the significant achievements of the congress is reaching a logical and rational agreement on initiating mutual cooperation in the framework of the MOU.
He claimed: This is a really important MOU for both parties by which mutual benefits would be gained. So, we hope that it will flourish social and economic relations in an accelerating manner for both countries in the near future.
Mr. Mehrani, board member of PBI, said: We are really pleased to get cooperated to Vietnam Post. PBI as the most extensive banking network, specialized and developmental bank of ICT section in Iran, has got worthy experiences and infrastructures (Technically and Operationally) for expanding international cooperation with financial postal services operators/post banks over the world.
He continued: PBI has been designated as the sole financial postal services operator in Iran and introduced to the UPU members accordingly. In this regard, PBI has been coordinating requirements of launching IFS after getting the required allowance of Central Bank of I.R.Iran. It should be mentioned that IFS launching project is going to be held tentatively in contribution with the UPU representatives during the next month. It is predicted the launching project will be finalized on December.