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Date 2017/07/29         Hour 00:00:00     News Group Postbank

Mr. Mehrani, board member of Post Bank Iran(PBI), accompanied with Mohammad Reza Rahimi Manager of International Affairs and Free Zone Branches, Mojtaba Haghi Head of FX Operations, Firooz Rahimi Chief of Correspondent Relations and International Cooperation, and Afshin Gholami FX Operations Expert, have negotiated with managers of the countries France, P.R. China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia about international money orders, postal financial services, and E-commerce cooperation.
The International Affairs and Free Zone Branches Management reported: Besides explaining PBI’s capabilities, services, and its expansion operations in domestic and international area in the meetings, some mutual and multilateral (in contribution to National Post Company) cooperation was emphasized as well.
Mr. Mehrani emphasized: Feasibility of E-commerce Definitely depends on the presence of all parties
_ PBI, National Post Company, Post/Post banks of other countries_ as the three principles of the process.
The board member of PBI said: PBI, as the agent bank for settlements, and National Post Company ,as the commodities distributor, are coordinated well and this will help the process appropriately.
He continued: Based on the valuable experiences in domestic and international banking, PBI is well prepared to initiate mutual international postal money orders via IFS and its own modern banking software and hardware.
Board member of PBI explained: Launching online international money order system in the framework of UPU rules and regulations can provide people with non-business money services faster, safer, and much cheaper.
In the mentioned meetings, the senior managers of France, P.R. China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia post companies acclaimed with gratitude: the 12th APPU congress was a golden opportunity to know I.R.Iran’s capabilities pertaining to postal services and post bank and use its experiences and knowledge.
Ms. Beatrice Roux, International Affairs Manager of France Post, said: Post Bank of France is highly active in financial postal services and postal international money orders. So, we are going to coordinate with PBI to arrange some fruitful negotiations in the next UPU meeting in Bern, October 2017.
Mr. Dato Jailani Johari, Deputy Minister of Communication and Multimedia of Malaysia, said: We can benefit from National Post Company and Post Bank Iran capabilities in order to expand mutual
E-commerce and economic cooperation.
Mr. Jsheng Mu, China State Post Manager, claimed: mutual cooperation in the field of financial postal services could develop Iran-China international commerce and potential capacities for future cooperation.
At the end of the meetings, multilateral MOU draft between PBI, National Post Company, and Post of the countries France, P.R. China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia was provided to be considered and signed.